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Teaching & Appreciation

Angela Zanders Piano Teaching

Piano Teaching

Angela has taught piano to children and adults since the age of 15 and takes the approach of promoting all round musical understanding over and above purely instrumental skill. She believes that a combination of enjoyment and commitment are the essential ingredients to real progress and, where appropriate, enters both children and adults for Music Examinations.


 Piano Lessons for Children

Angela’s aim is to teach children to play the piano confidently and with enjoyment. She encourages a good technical approach and secure note-reading skills from the beginning, also helping children to improvise and make up their own pieces of music where there is a desire to do so.

She uses a variety of appealing music for children to work on, and enters pupils for music examinations only if doing so helps them towards fulfilling their highest potential. Having a piano or keyboard to practise on between lessons is essential and regular practice periods between lessons are necessary in order to make progress. Lessons take place weekly and generally last for 30 minutes. Those working towards a Grade 7 or 8 standard are advised to consider a 45 minute or a 60 minute lesson.

Thank you for giving Bronwyn such a wonderful start to her piano lessons.   Kirsty Wydenbach

Piano Lessons for Adults

Angela believes there is no upper age limit when it comes to taking piano lessons. She is happy to take on new pupils of any age and tailors her lessons to suit individual requirements, whether it be for complete beginners or those wishing to take up piano again after a long break. Angela teaches on a weekly basis but is happy to arrange lessons for more advanced students fortnightly or accordingly to mutual availability.

Angela is a gifted teacher, being very knowledgeable, cheerful and patient and at the same time systematic in her teaching. Her knowledge of the history of music is of great value in helping pupils to understand composition. Marianne Cooper

Contact formAngela Zanders’ piano lessons for adults and children take place in  Petersfield, Hampshire. She charges £32 per hour. If you would like more information please use our contact form.

Music Theory, Sight Reading and Listening Skills

Where there is an overemphasis on developing purely instrumental skills, Angela believes that children often miss out on aspects of musical training which would not only enable them to gain a greater understanding of the instruments they play, but also enable them to gain higher marks in Music Examinations.

To this purpose, Angela has taught classes in Musicianship to children for many years. Her aim is to teach the aural, theory and sight reading skills necessary to pass exams by linking these skills to an understanding of their musical context. In this way, children are able to appreciate the necessity of developing those aural, theoretical and practical  skills, particularly when they find that they are playing with greater understanding, enjoyment and confidence as a result.

Angela gives individual lessons at £32 per hour and group lessons at £15 for 45 minutes.

Angela is currently giving weekly aural training classes for those preparing for Grade 7 and 8 Associated Board Music Examinations.

Piano Accompaniment Coaching

Angela believes that the art of piano accompaniment is a completely different skill from that of solo piano playing. Based on her her vast experience in accompanying both singers and instrumentalists, Angela offers coaching to anyone who is interested in developing this important skill. Don’t forget to bring your singer or instrumentalist with you! Lessons cost £32 per hour.


Contact formFor more information on all aspects of  Musicianship Training please contact Angela Zanders by using the contact form


Music Appreciation

Angela has been teaching Music Appreciation to adults since completing a B.Mus at Goldsmiths’ College, University of London, in 1991. The impetus for her teaching stems from the desire to break down the barriers of what she perceives to be the image of elitism surrounding the world of classical music. Her primary objective is to encourage enjoyment and the confidence to learn in those who enjoy listening to music but who have little or no knowledge or training in the subject.

Using Power Point slides and recorded musical examples as well as demonstrations at the piano, Angela’s approach is to involve her class members in the background and historical context of the music without overwhelming them with technical detail. An ability to read music is certainly not obligatory.

Angela has lectured in Music Appreciation at Birkbeck College, University of London and Adult Education centres in Bromley and Lewisham and since moving to Hampshire she has taught numerous courses for the W.E.A in Petersfield and Andover.

Signing up for one of Angela Zanders’ musical appreciation courses becomes one of the highlights of the week. Not only are they very relaxed and fun,but the knowledge one gains in a very unpressured way is unbelievable. I cannot recommend these more. Robin Smeeton

Example subjects:

  • The life and music of any of the famous composers
  • The History of the Piano
  • Introduction to 20th Century Music
  • A History of Women Composers
  • How to Read Music
  • Introduction to Classical Music

Angela is able to offer a wide range of subject material to suit the needs and interests of particular groups.

Angela will be running a new Music Appreciation course, ‘England’s Musical History’ for the Liphook Music Circle on Thursday mornings starting on 3rd October.

She always welcomes new members to her existing courses and is available to give short courses, day courses and day and evening lectures as well as seminars for University and College students.

 Contact form For more information on Music Appreciation please contact Angela Zanders by using the contact form