Piano Teaching

Please note – Angela is continuing to teach during the Covid-19 pandemic using Zoom/virtual resources

Angela has taught piano to children and adults since the age of 15 and takes the approach of promoting all round musical understanding over and above purely instrumental skill. She believes that a combination of enjoyment and commitment are the essential ingredients to real progress and, where appropriate, enters both children and adults for Music Examinations.

Piano Lessons for Children

Angela’s aim is to teach children to play the piano confidently and with enjoyment. She encourages a good technical approach and secure note-reading skills from the beginning, also helping children to improvise and make up their own pieces of music where there is a desire to do so.

She uses a variety of appealing music for children to work on and enters pupils for music examinations only if doing so helps them towards fulfilling their highest potential. Having a piano or keyboard to practise on between lessons is essential and regular practice periods between lessons are necessary in order to make progress. Lessons take place weekly at her home in Horndean, Hampshire, and generally last for 30 minutes. Those working towards a Grade 7 or 8 standard are advised to consider a 60 minute lesson.

Piano Lessons for Adults

Angela believes there is no upper age limit when it comes to taking piano lessons. She is happy to take on new pupils of any age and tailors her lessons to suit individual requirements, whether it be for complete beginners or those wishing to take up piano again after a long break. Angela teaches on a weekly basis but is happy to arrange lessons for more advanced students fortnightly or accordingly to mutual availability.

Theory, Aural and General Musicianship

While aiming for the highest possible standards, Angela believes in helping aspiring young (and not so young!) musicians to understand and appreciate something of the theory and background behind the music they play, over and above achieving purely technical skills on their chosen instrument. To this end, Angela is available to give music theory, aural training and general musicianship lessons to both singers and students of any instrument to help increase understanding and musicality and to help with achieving high standards in all aspects of musical education. Angela has run many musicianship classes for children and young people and in 2007, wrote and performed in a play for children introducing them to the music of famous composers – ‘Bringing Classical Music to Life.’ Angela gives her students her own guidance notes on music theory, aural and history in order to help them with study at home and uses her own classical music timeline to help them place the music they study in context.

“I was very lucky to study under Angela during my Performance Degree at the University of Chichester. With her help and guidance, I was able to achieve a ‘first’ in my dissertation recital as well as my overall degree. Angela’s knowledge and passion for music is second to none. She has taught me to believe in my abilities and supported me every step of the way. I cannot thank her enough.” Lauren (University of Chichester student)

“Angela is a gifted teacher, being very knowledgeable, cheerful and patient and, at the same time, systematic in her teaching. Her knowledge of the history of music is of great value in helping pupils to understand composition. Her lessons are an inspiration.” Marianne (Private piano student)”

“Angela taught both me and my daughter, taking us from beginners to being able to enjoy playing.  From providing patient support through the challenges to celebrating our numerous achievements, lessons were a real joy. What we have learnt will last a lifetime.” Damien (Private piano student).

“You have helped me through so much – you really made a difference to me, to my whole University experience.” Isabel (University of Chichester student)


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